Who We Are?

About Us

Pacific Mayfair Estates is envisioned as a vibrant neighborhood that integrates a range of housing types, retail, and  community uses to create a compact, complete neighborhood.  Supported by sustainable development objectives it will reunite the community with existing trail systems and ponds.


What we do

The Pacific Mayfair Estates Master Development Plan (PME 2023) serves as a comprehensive blueprint aligning with City of Port Alberni policies and goals for the Pacific Mayfair Estates lands and the broader Arrowsmith Heights area. It guides phased, long-term development over 20+ years, addressing the evolving needs of the neighborhood, Port Alberni, and the region. PME 2023 supports City initiatives focused on environmental sustainability, economic vitality, and livability. This plan, in conjunction with other policies and regulations, evaluates projects related to land use, development, infrastructure, parks, open spaces, and transportation. Each development phase undergoes review and assessment to fulfill the plan’s vision and goals. The plan’s broad scope ensures alignment with the community’s vision for the City of Port Alberni and the well-being of Arrowview Heights residents, both current and future. 

Our Vision

PME 2023 envisions a sustainable phased development, integrating various housing types, community amenities, and services, all interconnected by parks and open spaces. The goals for PME 2023 are: 

  1. Become a signature development planned around resilience and sustainability principles, while still offering a comprehensively planned series of land uses that accommodate local commercial, multi-family, single-family and two-family homes. 
  2. Extend the characteristics of the established surrounding lands toward the eastern boundary of the City, complementing the urban centres and downtown land uses. 
  3. Provide neighbourhood scale commercial uses. 
  4. Provide a socially sustainable community with a variety of housing opportunities. 
  5. Create a safe and equitable neighbourhood. 
  6. Create a distinct West Coast character that is responsive to the natural environment and existing neighbourhood context.